Allas Sea Pool

The Allas Sea Pool offers new ways to enjoy the Baltic Sea in Helsinki, right in the most central spot in the city! The Sea Pool is open all year round and offers experiences and refreshment next to the Kauppatori marketplace, both to the people of Helsinki and to travellers.

The Allas Sea Pool is an oasis in the city with a large pool area and magnificent saunas. In addition to these, the Allas represents city culture at its best. It is full of events and things to do and provides a window to the sea via the Baltic Sea Centre. Food and drinks are on offer. We have room for over 2700 customers.

The Allas Sea Pool is a lookout spot and garden-like oasis situated in Helsinkis southernmost seaside. With its land and sea areas it covers almost a hectare (2.47 acres) of the city centre. The Allas wishes to offer its visitors an oasis of good modern life right in the heart of the city.


Opening hours and how to arrive

The Allas Sea Pool is situated close to the Kauppatori marketplace and next to the SkyWheel Ferris wheel. We are in the Helsinki city centre close to the main sites of the city and only a little over a kilometre from the main railway station. See the route from the railway station to the Allas from here. The entrance to the Allas is after the Kauppatori pedestrian bridge. Accessible and unobstructed entrance is at the end of the side building on the terrace cafe side.

Please note that the opening hours are in force after the Allas has opened.


Pools and saunas

Monday–Friday 6.15–23.00
Saturday–Sunday 8.00–23.00

The swimming time ends half an hour before closing.


The Allas Shop

Monday–Friday 6.15–23.00
Saturday–Sunday 8.00-23.00


Allas Cafe

Mon–Sun 8.00-00.00


Neighbour Bistro

Monday–Friday 11.00-00.00
Saturday–Sunday 11.00-02.00

Please note: 1.7.-13.8.2017
Mon–Sat 11.00–00.00
Sun 13.00–00.00


Lost and found

Allas sends found property to Lost&Found International each week. Lost&Found International keeps the property for three months. Inquiries for lost property can be made to Lost&Found International and found property may be obtained at the companys offices, or you can have them mailed to your home. For more information: loytotavara.net


How to find us

The Allas Sea Pool is situated close to the Kauppatori marketplace and next to the SkyWheel Ferris wheel. We are in the Helsinki city centre close to the main sites of the city and only a little over a kilometre from the main railway station. The entrance to the Allas is after the Kauppatori pedestrian bridge.


Public transport

For instance, you can reach the Allas with the tram lines 1, 2, 4 and 5. See the Helsinki public transport up-to-date timetables at the Reittiopas. www.reittiopas.fi


With a bicycle

There are two City Bike Stations at the Kauppatori marketplace close to the Allas Sea Pool. Sorry, we dont have parking space for bicycles.


By car

If you want to get to Allas with a car, please note that the closest parking is at Q-Park Kasarmitori (walking distance of c. 850 metres, see route) and Q-Park Erottaja (c. 1.3 km walking distance to Allas, see route).


By boat

Allas does not have its own boat dock and you cannot moor onto the pool area with your boat. However, Allas does welcome all boaters. We instruct boaters to moor either to the Helsinki Marina at Katajanokka or to the Vironallas basin next to the old market hall.



Allas Sea Pool has accessible entrance both to the pool area, restaurant and WC spaces. The recently finished main building includes an accessible entrance to the roof terrace. There is a ramp to the public area at both ends of the ticket office (under the Skywheel and between the main building and side building). The dressing rooms are accessible, guided by the staff, from the end wall door and there is an accessible entrance to the pool area at the sauna and restaurant corner. At the moment, we dont have a lift going to the actual pools. Assistants get to swim for free and guide dogs are welcome to the area!


Tickets and prices


Single ticket

Swimming ticket (children over 12) €12
Childrens ticket (children 3-12) €6
Children 0-2 for free

Discounts for: students, conscripts, pensioners, the unemployed €8
The card or certificate proving eligibility for a discount must be presented on arrival.

Serial and season tickets

Serial ticket x10, adults €90
Serial ticket x10, children €45
Serial ticket x10, discount €60
(Please note: Serial tickets are for personal use only)

NEW One month ticket €40 / 30 days

Do you want to enjoy and spend more time or train actively at the pool and join our Pool Community? The One month ticket is now available. It is now the new Allas season ticket. The ticket is valid for 30 days after purchase. It means that you can enjoy the Allas for 30 days and have a swim every day if you wish. The One month ticket is personal and you can load as many 30-day periods as you want.

(Please note: Monthly tickets are for personal use only)

The ticket types left without use after the December 2016 closing are compensated for in the following way:

12, 6 and 3 months: The remainder of the season can be used during the spring of 2017.
Single ticket and serial ticket x10: Valid until the end of May 2018.
Winter swimmer: The ticket is valid during the next winter (rounded into one full month).
Present tickets and present cards start in the spring of 2017 – in force for the tickets period of validity.

Queries and additional information: info @ allasseapool.fi and +358 40 565 6582


Good to know

- The swimming tickets are personal. The tickets include use of the pools and sauna until closing time.
- You dont need a ticket for the restaurant and terrace areas.
- The serial tickets (10 times) are valid for one year after purchase 
- The validity of monthly ticket begins when it is first stamped
- Persons eligible for a discount: In order to get a discount the customer must print out / show, the appropriate certificate in force. The unemployed: A valid proof (at the most three months old) of the job searching being in force may be printed out from the TE offices Oma asiointi net service. Show it at the ticket office. In case you dont have a printer you can print it out at the TE office.



You can pay at Allas with cash or with a bank or credit card (not including Diners). You can also buy swimming tickets with the following recreation coupons:



You can pay for swimming tickets with a Smartum motion coupon or a Smartum motion and culture coupon. You get no money back for the coupons. The last day of validity is printed onto the coupon. In case your name is not already printed or written at the back of the coupons, write it before use. The coupons are personal. They cannot be used for family members etc.



You can use Ticket Mind&Body, Ticket Duo and the Virikeseteli The Edenred recreation coupon is a personal benefit and can only be used to pay for motion and culture services.



E-passi is personal and can only be used to pay for motion services.



The tickets are traded for bracelets at the ticket office. The bracelet lets you move about freely at the sauna and pool areas. The single bracelets are returned to the return boxes when you leave. We can use them again. If the bracelet includes a valid season card or serial ticket you can go straight to the dressing rooms without going to the ticket office.

You can get tickets at the Allas ticket office or beforehand from our web shop!

Buy tickets at the web shop, but sorry in finnish->

Swimming and the sauna


Swimming and the Sauna

The Allas Sea Pool is a spa with both fresh and sea water complete with saunas and other services. We are situated in Helsinki, next to the Kauppatori marketplace (Katajanokanlaituri 2 A). The sea spa is open every day all year round. You can swim and go to the sauna with a swimming ticket, see the opening hours here!



There are three swimming pools at Allas Sea Pool. They are situated on the pool level that is a floating basin on top of the sea. The sea pool, big pool and childrens pool are for swimmers, for exercise, or for just hanging out.



The Big Pool is filled with heated tap water. The temperature of the water is c. 27°C (80° Fahrenheit) all year round. The pool has two swimming tracks and the tracks are marked onto the bottom. The Big Pool is thus suitable for both exercise swimmers and the more leisurely swimmers. The Big Pool is also the venue for most of the swimming and swimming technique courses and the aquatic exercise groups.

Measurements: 25 x 15 m
Depth: 165 cm



The Sea Pool for swimming comfortably in the Baltic Sea! The water in the pool is pumped from farther away in the sea, from cleaner currents, and it is filtered and treated using the UV technique. You dont swim directly in the harbour water. The temperature in the Sea Pool is the same as in the sea. In the summer the Sea Pool has warmer water and in the winter you can experience authentic ice swimming.

Measurements: 25 x 12 m
Depth: 180 cm



The childrens pool has heated tap water, just like the Big Pool. This pool is in the middle of the pool level and the water temperature is c. 27°C (80° Fahrenheit). This pool is primarily for children and the adults swimming with them. During more quiet times also adults can slip in and sit down in the warm water.

Measurements: 17 x 11 m
Depth: 50 cm



There are three saunas at Allas. They are heated from morning to evening. They include a womens sauna, mens sauna and a sauna for special reservations. The sauna for reservations is also used as a communal sauna. Also various sauna events are arranged there, such as sauna yoga. If you are interested in booking the sauna for a company or private event, please contact joni.hinkkanen@allasseapool.fi and look here what we have to offer.

The saunas are heated electrically and their temperature is c. 80°C (175° Fahrenheit). The mens and womens saunas can take 15 to 20 persons and the upper benches of the reservation sauna can take about 10-14 persons at a time.



* Swimming suits are always primarily used in the pools. If you wish, you can rent a swimsuit or towel. The Allas Shop will also have swimsuits and equipment for sale during the summer of 2017.

* Always enter the pool via the ticket office. After you have activated the ticket you can go to the dressing rooms. There you find lockers with locks for keeping your things during your swim. The dressing rooms also have WCs and hairdryers.

* Water jogging is allowed in the pool. Bring your own water jogging belt or rent one.



City culture and experiences

The unique large area of Allas houses various events all through the year, such as concerts and exhibitions. We build wellbeing together through motion and relaxation. Outside cinema shows provide unique experiences. Also the pool areas own events ranging from poem saunas to naturalists swimming sessions are unique. The various events will appear on this page and they will be announced in the Allas social media channels -> @allasseapool.


Restaurant & Cafe - Helsinki on a plate at the tip of Helsinki

The new three-story restaurant situated at the most beautiful spot in the city gathers everything that is good in Helsinki under one roof. Situated in the harbour cove, next to the Kauppatori market place. Direct view to the open sea and to the city. The Neighbour Bistro, the modern Allas Cafe, the refreshing bars and sunny terraces all offer possibilities to feed both the body and mind being surrounded by the sea. The Allas Cafe, Neighbour Bistro and roof terrace serve the customers of Allas, but also others. The doors are open for everyone and you dont need to buy a swimming ticket to enjoy the service.

The restaurant services at Allas are provided by Soupster Family and you can look at the more detailed menus and make table reservations also here.


Neighbour Bistro

The Neighbour Bistros kitchen utilises the seasons best raw materials, which are acquired from as close as possible. The menu includes Helsinki classics from during the last century, made fresh with a modern touch. Everything is close to our dear Baltic Sea and the restaurant follows the principles of sustainable development. We want also future generations to be able to enjoy the coasts and products of the Baltic Sea.

Eating together is a part of city culture and good times. The Neighbour Bistro offers classic treats with modern spices in the form of portions to be divided between your company. Also the best parts of the Helsinki drink culture are served, ranging from the products of small breweries to the treats of the local distilleries. You can stay at the Bistro even a bit longer. The bar makes excellent cocktails, the DJ takes care of the atmosphere and the roof terrace provides scenery without comparison. Like a good neighbour should, the Neighbour Bistro is an excellent choice for ordinary days and festive nights, or for ordinary days that end as a party – we welcome everyone!


Corporate customers

What would a sauna and swim be without good food or a summer concert be without cool drinks? The Allas Sea Pool offers comprehensive packages for firms and groups ranging from event and premises services to well-being packages. The Helsinki menu is an important part of all of these. If you wish to combine the Allas event and premises services with dining, our corporate customers are catered for by joni.hinkkanen@allaspool.fi


Opening hours and table reservations

Sunday–Thursday 11.00-00.00
Friday–Saturday 11.00-02.00

info @ neighbour.fi
Telephone: 040 047 0045

You can make reservations through the reservation calendar (link www.neighbour.fi) up until the previous day at 24.00, after which call the restaurant by phone at 040 060 1806. For reservations of more than ten persons, please call sales at info@neighbour.fi

As a rule, your reservation is for 1.5 h during lunch and 2.5 h at dinner time. Please make a note in you need more time! Please check your trash mail folder if you do not get a confirmation.


The terrace

The sunny roof terrace welcomes everyone to enjoy the bright evenings and white nights of the early summer and the sunsets of late summer and the autumn. In addition to refreshing drinks and tasty food you can enjoy the iconic Helsinki scenery and the events and music of Allas.

Opening hours

Sunday–Thursday 11.00-00.00
Friday–Saturday 11.00-02.00


Allas Cafe

The Allas Cafe is open all year round and offers food and drink from morning to evening. We offer breakfast, lunch, warm dishes, and, of course, high-class cafeteria products. The selection is partly built around the Allas well-being theme. We offer healthy and fresh food to the health oriented and also care for those with a special diet. The Allas Cafe products are made on spot from fresh raw materials: The assortment is prepared on the same day from raw materials from the nearby marketplace and the fish in the salmon soup is from responsible catches. The cafe wants to act as a good neighbour and be a meeting place for all the citizens – whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup or warm coffee.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 7.00-00.00
Saturday–Sunday 8.00-00.00

cafe @ neighbour.fi
Telephone: 040 060 1806

Breakfast 7.00-10.00
Lunch served to the table 11.00-15.00
From the afternoon to late at night 14.00-24.00


Ticket sales and information

+358 40 565 6582

Visiting address
Katajanokanlaituri 2a, Helsinki

Cafe Allas
Telephone: 040060180

Restaurant Neighbour Bistro
Telephone: 0400470045

Table reservations: Neighbour info@neighbour.fi

Postal address
Helsinki Allas Oy
Töölönkatu 51 a-b
00250 Helsinki