Good life by the sea

For decades people have gathered around water to talk, calm down and for a moment, live carefree. Continuing this tradition, Allas Sea Pool offers wellness, urban culture, stories of water, good food, and through intelligent solutions – a cleaner future in the heart of Helsinki, on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

Swimming pools & Saunas

There are three swimming pools at Allas Sea Pool. They are situated on the floating pool deck on top of the sea. The sea water pool, warm water pool and children’s pool are all open for anyone who wants to swim, exercise, or just hang out and enjoy. The water in the sea water pool is pumped from farther away in the sea, from cleaner currents, and the water is filtered using UV technology. Our heated pool is 25 meters long and 1,6 meters deep and heated to 27°C all years around. The children’s pool is 60 cm deep and welcomes little swimmers throughout the summer season.

Allas Sea Pool is run almost completely with renewable energy. The pools are heated with renewable district heating powered by biogas. In addition, the spa is cooled off with renewable district cooling.

Allas Restaurants


Allas Sea Pool is a unique hub for urban life in Helsinki’s South Harbour. As a centre for exercise, well-being and culture, the sea pool nourishes minds and bodies while maintaining the ideals of sustainable development.

The buildings have a total surface area of 1,600 m², which is enough even for considerable crowds. In fact, we can serve 3,500 visitors at a time. The total surface area of Allas Sea Pool exceeds 9,000 m² and 2,600 m² for the floating pier. The main building houses our café, restaurant (2nd floor), shop, winter garden, rooftop terraces and Baltic Sea Centre.

Allas hosts concerts, events and wellness services, including yoga, Pilates and water aerobics. It is a unique oasis in the heart of Helsinki, unlike any other venue in the world. Allas Sea Pool aims to bring back spa culture from the days when bathers used to congregate at pools to talk, relax and enjoy life by the poolside.

Along with wellness, a cleaner future is one of Allas Sea Pool’s main concerns. Allas houses the Baltic Sea Centre, which educates visitors about the Baltic Sea and presents ways to protect and nurture its delicate ecosystem. The Smart and Clean Showroom showcases technologies and services that promote sustainable development and reduce environmental strain.

Allas Sea Pool is also an impressive feat of woodwork, as the main building is made of Finnish pine. Allas Sea Pool Helsinki was designed by Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Ltd and constructed by Lehto Group Plc. Allas is a project of Helsinki Pool Ltd.