Tips for the best sauna experience

Sauna is a key part of Finnish culture. It is where family, friends and even strangers come together. It has always been a place of physical and spiritual cleansing, a place to leave your stress and shyness at the door and relax in the present moment.

Tips for the best sauna experience

At Allas Sea Pool, we have a men’s, a women’s and a mixed gender sauna.
We have three pools; a warm water pool at 27°C (80.5°F) all year around, a children’s pool open during the summer months and a sea water pool that stays at the same temperature as the sea. The water in the pool is taken from a nearby clean stream and filtered to remove contaminants.

To make swimming and sauna as relaxing and pleasant as possible to everyone, there are a few guidelines to follow.
1. Please shower and wet your hair before entering the pool. Please wear a swimming cap or attach your hair in a ponytail.
2. Shower before entering the sauna.
3. The Finnish way to enjoy sauna is naked, but it is also okay to wear your towel if that is more comfortable for you.In mixed-gender saunas, everyone will normally wear something.
4. Finns throw water on the sauna rocks to add steam and more intense heat. This is called “löyly”. It is polite to ask others before throwing löyly.
5. It is okay to ask someone to put less water if the steam is too intense. This will often start a lively discussion about the proper temperature of the sauna. There are different levels to sit so you can choose the level of heat you like.
6. Stay in the sauna for as long as you feel comfortable. Some go in and get their fill all at once, some prefer to go in and out frequently, find what works for you. You can cool down outside, take a dip and then go in again if you wish.
7. Saunas are one of the few places you will find Finnish people actively engaging strangers in conversation,so feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about something. Most people are happy to educate newcomers about one of the most beloved Finnish traditions, but also remember that it can be a place of quiet reflection for some people.
8. Finish off with a shower and take time to relax, cool down and enjoy the after sauna “saunanjälkeinen” feeling.
9. Remember to drink water to replace the moisture you’re sweating out or stop by our café for a relaxing post sauna drink.


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