Yin yoga 75 min


Yin yoga is based on some old Chinese body exercises and meridian theories. As the dynamic yang yoga concentrates on muscles the yin yoga also gives the joints, tendons and energy orbits the needed attention. The movements in yin yoga affect in the parts of the body where the connective tissue is the densest, for example in the back and hip areas. The positions, asanas, have an opening effect and are held for several minutes at the time.

The long and deep stretch-like asanas hydrate the connective tissues which causes the body to recover naturally and the movements become less painful. Yin yoga also boosts metabolism and energy gain. The yin yoga asanas won't focus on exessive streching and are done by using different assistance equipment to ensure the total relaxation of the muscles. The asanas can be modified to individual needs which makes the class suitable for everyone. If you have any physical limits, please let the instructor know so they can help you customise the asanas for you.

Treat your body with this 75 minutes yoga session releasing stress and tensions. Participating doesn't require any earlier experience from yoga.

Basic information

What to bring: comfortable clothes. A yoga mat and other equipment is offered to you in the studio.

When: Mon 1.9-22.12 at 18.15-19.30. Also the 90 minutes class on Sundays 1.9-22.12 at 10.30-12.00.

Yoga instructor: Jepa Pihlainen

Price: 16€ (swimming when purchasing a wellness ticket 10€) or 5x series ticket 85€ (only available at Allas Shop. The series ticket price includes an entry to the pools and saunas.)

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