A series of movements focusing on releasing tensions around the shoulders and neck as well as the spine and hips. Also strengthens the core and the muscles in the legs. Saunayoga is also a great way to release stress. You'll notice the benefits already after your first session.

Basic information

To who: the excercise is suitable for everybody and no prior yoga experience is needed.

What to bring: a water bottle and a small towel for wiping off sweat. Dress in swimwear or shorts and a t-shirt.

When: Fridays 07.30-08.15.

Price: 25 € including entrance to the pools.

Benefits of our weekly wellness classes:

• Adding and boosting the total well-being of both mind and body
• The strengthening and enhanced flexibility of the body
• Improves the ability to focus
• Improves the fluid circulation of the body

Welcome to Allas Sea Pool's weekly classes!

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