Morning hydrobics


Allas Sea Pool's Morning hydrobics includes effective excercising in the deep end of our outdoors pool. By using different movements and benefiting natural water resistance all the big muscles of the body are active and have to work hard without adding any stress to joints. This hydrobics class is a simple and effective way of exercising in the pool!

Basic information

Instructor: Johanna Väänänen.

What to bring: A swimsuit and a water bottle.

When: Mondays 08:30–09:00 am.

Price: 20€. For Swimming + Wellness combno members the classes are included in the price of the membership.

Benefits of our weekly wellness classes:

• Adding and boosting the total well-being of both mind and body
• The strengthening and enhanced flexibility of the body
• Improves the ability to focus
• Improves the fluid circulation of the body

Welcome to Allas Sea Pool's weekly classes!

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