Aerial yoga

Dear customers: we have decreaced the maximum capacity of our Wellness Studio to 16 participants per class. If possible, we would kindly ask you to bring your own mat for the classes requiring it. We pay extra attention disinfecting our mats and other equipment before and after classes. Weather permitting, some of the classes may also be held outdoors. Welcome to Allas Sea Pool's weekly classes!


Happy flying! Aerial yoga is a modern yoga style that uses a silk hammock suspended about a meter high, to support yoga poses both in the air and on the ground. Aerial yoga is an excellent remedy to reduce back pain. It also improves overall body strength and stamina. The support of the hammock will also help to improve alignment and to relax deeper into the posture thus leading to improved flexibility.

You don't need to have any earlier experience from yoga, our instructor Johanna Laaksonen gives you guidance throughout the class and variations for the positions.

Basic information

Instructor: Johanna Laaksonen.

When: Tuesdays at 16:30-17:30.

To who: Everyone interested in yoga and core exercising.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes.

Price: 16€. For Swimming + Wellness dual members the classes are included in the price of the membership.

Note: Dive into the pools and relax in our saunas after the class! Swimming ticket 10€ when purchasing a wellness ticket.

Benefits of our weekly wellness classes:

• Adding and boosting the total well-being of both mind and body
• The strengthening and enhanced flexibility of the body
• Improves the ability to focus
• Improves the fluid circulation of the body

Welcome to Allas Sea Pool's weekly classes!

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